Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bombers Land Abreu

You didn't think Brian Cashman was going to sit still through Monday's trade deadline without adding something to his ballclub, did you? Well, I confess, I thought he might hang in there with Melky Cabrera and Aaron Gueil all summer until Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield return.

But Cashman pulled the trigger on a deal that brings the Yanks OF Bobby Abreu and P Cory Lidle in exchange for four minor leaguers you've never heard of. Abreu is making $13.5 million this year and is due to make $15.5 million next year, when he could make a nice replacement for Sheffield. Plus, Lidle may solve the problem at the No. 5 starter position. He can go deep into games, giving the bullpen a break. Who knows? Maybe he even becomes the No. 4 starter, replacing the maddeningly inconsistent Jaret Wright, should the Yanks get into the postseason.

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